PVC Ground Strap

Tinned Copper Conductor, PVC Insulation UL Style 1680


  • Tinned copper strands braided into a flat construction and insulated with PVC.
  • These constructions may be fabricated of bare copper, although tinned copper is generally preferred because of its resistance to corrosive elements and ease of flexibility.
  • Other insulating materials are available on request.
  • Temperature rating: +105 C.
Part NumberBraid AWG SizeCircular Mil AreaWire AWG SizeNo. Of WiresConstr.Nominal Width InchesNominal Thickness InchesNominal Wall ThicknessNominal Insulated Dimension
AS 356-832-1.0 T7208003683232-17-36 16-18-3611/160.031.06
AS 356-832-75 O T7208003683232-17-36 16-18-363/41/160.030.81
AS 356-4815-625 T8180003672048-15-365/81/160.030.685
AS 356-4811-625 T8132003652848-8-365/83/640.020.665
AS 356-2416-375 T1096003638424-16-363/81/160.020.415
AS 356-488-500 T1096003638448-8-361/21/320.020.54
AS 356-2413-281 T1178003681224-13-369/323/640.020.321
AS 356-486-375 T1272003628848-6-363/81/320.020.415
AS 356-2410-250 T1260003624024-10-361/43/640.020.29
AS 356-247-218 T1442003616824-7-367/321/320.020.258
AS 356-245-187 T1530003612024-5-363/161/320.020.277
AS 356-244-156 T162400369624-5-365/321/320.0150.186
AS 356-243-125T181800367224-3-361/81/320.0150.139

The suffix “T” stands for tinned copper construction. If bare copper is desired, replace the “T” with a “B”.
Jacket color to be specified.