PVC Ground Strap


Tinned Copper Conductor, PVC Insulation UL Style 1680

Description:Tinned copper strands braided into a flat construction and insulated with PVC. These constructions may be fabricated of bare copper, although tinned copper is generally preferred because of its resistance to corrosive elements and ease of flexibility. Other insulating materials are available on request. Temperature rating: +105 C.
Part Number ▴Braid AWG SizeCircular Mil AreaWire AWG SizeNo. Of WiresConstr.Nominal Width InchesNominal Thickness InchesNominal Wall ThicknessNominal Insulated Dimension
AS 356-832-1.0 T7208003683232-17-36 16-18-3611/16.0301.060
AS 356-832-75 O T7208003683232-17-36 16-18-363/41/16.030.810
AS 356-4815-625 T8180003672048-15-365/81/16.030.685
AS 356-4811-625 T8132003652848-8-365/83/64.020.665
AS 356-2416-375 T1096003638424-16-363/81/16.020.415
AS 356-488-500 T1096003638448-8-361/21/32.020.540
AS 356-2413-281 T1178003681224-13-369/323/64.020.321
AS 356-486-375 T1272003628848-6-363/81/32.020.415
AS 356-2410-250 T1260003624024-10-361/43/64.020.290
AS 356-247-218 T1442003616824-7-367/321/32.020.258
AS 356-245-187 T1530003612024-5-363/161/32.020.277
AS 356-244-156 T162400369624-5-365/321/32.015.186
AS 356-243-125T181800367224-3-361/81/32.015.139
The suffix "T" stands for tinned copper construction. If bare copper is desired, replace the "T" with a "B"
Jacket color to be specified.