medical wire and cable


Cooner Wire’s cables have played a critical role in the history of the medical cable market. These cables are customized to meet your most stringent application requirements, while maintaining the highest flexibility.

test and measurement wire and cable


Cooner Wire’s cables are created with precision in mind, ensuring that signal integrity remains intact as data travels from sensors and transducers to measurement instruments. These high-quality cables minimize signal loss and electromagnetic interference, guaranteeing the accuracy of test results.

semiconductor wire and cable


Semiconductor manufacturing facilities are equipped with a vast array of sophisticated machinery, including photolithography machines, chemical vapor deposition systems, and wafer inspection equipment. These machines rely on intricate wiring and cabling systems to connect control units, sensors, and actuators. Specialized cables ensure that precise commands are transmitted accurately, minimizing errors and downtime.

sensor wire and cable


Cooner Wire’s sensor cables are engineered to maintain the integrity of signals as they travel from sensors to data acquisition systems. These high-quality cables minimize signal loss and electromagnetic interference, guaranteeing reliable and precise sensor data.


Cooner Wire’s robotics cables are created to carry signals and data between robotic components, ensuring real-time control and feedback. These cables are excellent for use in the manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare industries.


Cooner Wire’s cables are meticulously configured to ensure reliability in demanding aerospace environments. Where transmitting critical data and power within aircraft and spacecraft systems is vital.


Cooner Wire’s cables meet the high standards of precision and reliability that defense applications require. Additionally, these cables are highly flexible, offering functionality and user friendliness.


Cooner Wire’s cables are essential for transmitting electrical energy from power sources to motors, pumps, heaters, and other devices. These cables are customized to carry high currents safely and efficiently, ensuring that industrial operations run smoothly and reliably.


Cooner Wire’s communication cables are integral to telecommunication networks, connecting cell towers, switching equipment, and end-user devices. Cooner Wire’s customized cables will meet the connectivity and performance needs for seamless communication services.


Cooner Wire’s audio cables are configured to withstand the rigors of daily use. They are durable without compromising flexibility, while ensuring that the cables remain reliable and free from signal degradation during extended use.


Cooner Wire’s cables meet the stringent environmental demands that are required to provide efficient, and environmentally friendly green energy projects.